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The Lion That Doesn't Have To Roar

by PJ




The Word of G-d explicitly warns us of the days in which we live.  Matthew 24:37-42 CJB says, "37 For the Son of Man’s coming will be just as it was in the days of Noach. 38 Back then, before the Flood, people went on eating and drinking, taking wives and becoming wives, right up till the day Noach entered the ark; 39 and they didn’t know what was happening until the Flood came and swept them all away. It will be just like that when the Son of Man comes. 40 Then there will be two men in a field — one will be taken and the other left behind. 41 There will be two women grinding flour at the mill — one will be taken and the other left behind. 42 So stay alert, because you don’t know on what day your Lord will come."  There were several things that marked Noach's day.  Terror being one.

When the attack happened in Israel on October 7th, much of our mission team and much of the Kehilat were called immediately to war.  We had been celebrating the High Holy Days of Israel and were having such a great time in Yeshua.  In fact, I was so excited to see the rebirth and first appearance of the Levite Temple Choir, although I knew in my spirit something huge was about to happen.  In a matter of hours, Israel was attacked.  (I could spend hours about the spiritual ramifications of the Levitical Choir reinstatement, the song festival in Israel and the attacks of October 7 and I encourage you to spend time seeking G-d about it.)

Since that attack I've learned a great deal from the Jewish family. First of all, we are all echad.  Relationship differences didn't make a difference on October 7th, we sprang into action worldwide to protect the head, our nation, Israel itself.  Forgiveness was done immediately seeking G-d's counsel.  We came together as a FORCE with which to be reckoned under G-d's command.  During this time I was speaking with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman of Chicago and he began to share with me something that touched my spirit deeply.  Simply put, in the midst of such an attack when so much is going on and so difficult to mentally process, people wind up paralyzed, unable to accomplish things while waiting on clarity.  And even then, because of all the death, grief, they feel it's inconsiderate, inappropriate or just plain wrong to go ahead as normal.  Jews worldwide were having difficulty with the sheer evil of the attacks and the death and the hostages taken and yet those unaffected felt guilty if they went back to school or work.

I want you to know that G-d does not want us to put our lives on hold.  He wants us to walk in faith and repair the fabric of the Universe, calling things that are not as though they were and believing His Word and speaking it out boldly in faith.  G-d wants us to walk in His joy and strength in the midst of warfare knowing that He is the SUPREME COMMANDER.  G-d's mercy and compassion are extremely evident during such times and that mercy flows through all concerned.

Satan, however, does everything within his power to destabilize and paralyze G-d's people.  He will get you caught up in unforgiveness, fear, anger, hostility, punishing others in retaliation, walking outside of G-d's perfect will for your life.  His terror is designed to shake you, make you afraid and destroy you.  1 Peter 5 describes satan as going about as a hungry lion who wants to seize upon someone and devour them.  He intimidates with his threats and angry jabs.  In fact his roar as a lion tries to shake out of us the faith and trust of provision that G-d promises us in all situations.  And yes, even when it is possible, he will use men subjected to him to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Have you ever seen a lion at a zoo and heard one truly roar?  You can hear a lion roar for a very long distance and the sound shakes the rafters so-to-speak. It is commanding, it is something you cannot help but hear and it is intimidating.  But that same lion can sneak upon you and you not even hear it.  I recently viewed a video which truly parallels in nature the Jewish people and Israel's adversaries.  A man and woman had set up a camera in Africa to take a video of a trophy lion they killed.  The creature was absolutely majestic they killed for a selfish moment of show and tell.  They were so smug and proud and the man videoed and the woman held up the dead lion's head.  They had just forgotten one thing.  When you kill the head male of the tribe, there's another waiting behind him to take his place.  While they were filming their alleged triumph,  a male lion jumped on top of the woman from behind and killed her...and one pounce later killed and ate the man making the video.  In the end the victor was the new head of the tribe and all in silence as the camera became the witness to the entire event.

I encourage you to not allow satan to have your faith.  Never let him steal your faith that G-d can restore a relationship, protect you in the midst of battle, make provision when the doctor says there is no way, etc.  Keep walking in faith when no one else can even see for the blood and smoke.  Become extreme against adversity. You have to become extreme in your faith and extreme against all the devil does.

As for Israel and the Jewish people, find your own unique way to contribute whether it's donating to an Israeli charity, prayers, or public support as they defend themselves.  Be YOUR best because it's only when you are at your best that you can give your best to help others.  When we are surrounded by darkness, it's G-d's way of telling us to become the LIGHT!

Finally, I encourage you to remember Samson.  If you study Judges 14:6, you will find that Samson barehandedly killed a lion that threatened to tear him apart.  The roaring that tried to scare him soon become the sweetness of victory when the carcass later held honey.  Make a determination that when satan roars at you that you will conquer and see G-d's will for your life.  But don't stop there.....get your victorious miracle too!  After all.....there is a real LION that heads our Tribe and He doesn't have to roar.


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