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Signs and WondersPJ's calling is as a barak "lightning strike" with a specific message for the body of believers to which Adonai sends her, guaranteeing fresh bread specifically for them, the impact of which dramatically changes the lives of individuals as they hear, and a piercing from heaven straight into their spirit man. PJ operates in all of the gifts of Ruach Ha`Kodesh as the L-rd wills.

PJ has been privileged to walk in the prophetical giftings of the L-rd. She has been given a unique gift of prophetical perception. The reason, according to PJ, is to bring people to Yeshua during the perilous season of the end time redemption process.

PJ is a Messianic Jewish Teacher, an ordained minister, and leader of the Yerushalaim Tsava'ot Kehilat as well as President and founder of Signs and Wonders (A Last Days Ministry), Inc. PJ has received multiple educational degrees including being a ministry graduate of Oral Roberts University with post graduate Jewish-Christian studies.  PJ works with young adults to perform specific missions as G-d wills.  In her spare time she mentors young adults preparing for ministry and missions in several nations.

~JEWISH FEASTS & Important Days~
Pessach - Sundown Monday April 10 - Sundown Tuesday April 18
Yom Ha'Bikkurim - Sundown Saturday April 15 - Sundown April 16

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